Uplift Our Communities

Since 2013, we've given more than $79,000 back to the kids we serve. 

We started Tomorrow’s Team because all of us became successful adults through the guidance and generosity of others. We know first hand how important it is to have people help you, push you and hold you accountable. These scholarships and community programs taught us to be leaders; and, more importantly, taught us to believe in our futures. 

Knowing how important this was in our lives, it became paramount to us to pass that same generosity on to the next generation. While we are still a small organization, we have provided scholarships and holiday gifts to over 40 kids and families. Our greatest wish is that our small acts instill the same drive, confidence and hope in these individuals that we received in our youth. 

What We Believe

Civic Engagement

Our goal is to make a difference in the communities we live in and do our best to touch as many lives as we can in a meaningful and lasting way.

Academic Engagement

Every student can be their best self with a positive attitude and relentless work ethic in their studies.


Whether through their schools, churches, athletic teams, or extracurricular activities, we push kids to be leaders in the communities.

Current Campaign