About Us

We started Tomorrow’s Team because all of us became successful adults by the guidance and generosity of others, and we know first hand how important it is to not only have people push you and hold you accountable, but also to have people help you. All of us relied on scholarships and community programs as youth and young adults, and it was through these programs and mentorships that we learned to be leaders, and more importantly learned to believe in ourselves and our futures. Knowing how important these individuals and programs were in our lives, as adults it became paramount to us that we pass that same generosity on to the next generation. While we are still a small organization, we have provided scholarships and holiday gifts to over 40 kids and families, and our greatest wish is that our small acts instill the same drive, confidence, and hope in these individuals that we received in our youth. 

As an organization we recognize and celebrate the fact that every child has different strengths and passions, and because of that our scholarships are not based on one specific category. Furthermore, we understand that not every person has the same dream for their future- some want to attend college and be a teacher or an athlete, while others might want to be a mechanic or truck driver and attend trade school for their specific field of interest. Every child’s future is just as important as the next- regardless of the dream they see for themselves- and we encourage any child seeking to attend school for professional or educational courses after high school to apply for our scholarships. 

  • We worked with Inner city families in Kansas City and provided Christmas presents and family necessities like soap, shampoo and toiletries.
  • We provided 50 pairs pairs of tennis shoes to an all boys orphanage in Panama through a friends organization, Sewing Seeds of Love.
  • We sponsor athletic teams each year through the PAL in Satellite beach, Florida
  • We worked with the Lebron James Family Foundation to sponsor two of their families in Akron in need for Christmas last year.
  • We have spoken at the State PAL convention several years in a row, discussing our lives and how we became successful in conjunction with what we do as an organization and how our lives were shaped by organizations like PAL.
  • We provide scholarships each summer to graduating seniors.

Our Volunteers

​Courtney Abrahams
Focuses on youth leadership programs and child advocacy programs. Guardian Ad Litem Volunteer.

Nicholas Abrahams
Focuses on civic leadership programs and scholarship. Enjoys volunteering with the Police Athletic League.

Patrick Abrahams
Focuses on athletic events and scholarship. Enjoys volunteering with the Daily Bread of Brevard.

Katherine Lagow
Focuses on athletic events and youth leadership programs.

Sergeant Paul Creatura
Focuses on youth leadership programs and scholarship. Police liaison for the Satellite Beach Police Athletic League.

Interested in volunteering? Reach out!